You have clients, you know QB okay, and you have lots of knowledge, but you need the know-how, best practices for your business, free solutions for apps, what are the true automatons that will work, and more. Costs are very competitive, and it’s only a one-on-one situation for you and your business.

Mentorship Program

This program is customizable to your specific business development and growing needs. We’ll customize a package for you that can include:


Which ones work for you, why, and advice on some that are low cost and free!

Apps for Client

Apps you can recommend for your clients and how to use them.


Which ones you should pursue, how to engage professionally, and what to say and not say.


Advice on the kind of services you should be providing and what to charge your clients.

Tips and Tricks

Time saving tips such as quick and easy file repairs, and more.


Advice on seamless onboarding, how to engage in a manner that is effective and productive, and types of communication in various situations.

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