Founded in 1995, the purpose of Corner Office is to provide our clients with services that promote confidence and reliability in their financial infrastructure through accounting training and practices. Our goal is to empower business owners with knowledge and confidence with proven tools and methods to improve the operations of their business. With our 20+ years of experience in multiple industries, and proven expertise, you will be able spend over 10 hours less per week on backend process and more time on the day to day of running your business.

What differentiates Corner Office is our passion to teach and provide business owners with the tools to be successful. Your experience with us will be more than just a few meetings; you are receiving an expert business coach and end to end comprehensive training throughout the duration of your process.

Corner Office maintains a knowledgeable staff of experts who are willing and able to support your business a path to success.



Bookkeeping & Accounting

Full-service bookkeeping and accounting services that allow you to relax while we take care of your financial books

Remote Access

Access to remote assistance

Platform Training

Training on industry standard accounting platforms

Process Assistance

Assistance with developing automated, sustainable business processes

Software Recommendations

Recommendations on software that fits the needs of your business

Third-Party Integration

Integration of third-party software with your accounting software

The Corner Office Group

Diana Cohn

Diana Cohn


Diana is an expert in software solutions for office automation. With 25 years of solid professional experience in the field, she has worked in diverse industries such as manufacturing, technical applications, real estate, high-tech, various types of retail establishments, construction, medical, professional services, non-profits and homeowner’s associations, among others. In addition to a BVE in Vocational Education, Ms. Cohn is also certified in QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Enterprise. In addition to her certifications and formal education, she continues her education through workshops, seminars, and classes on a regular basis.

Her superior project management skills and innate ability to assess situations and personalities is the reason that her company, the organizations she is part of, and her clients’ companies have been successful. But it is her unique sense of humor and her ability to connect with people that cements the long-term relationships Corner Office enjoys with its clients and their referrals.

Diana Cohn

Amanda Nazzisi


Amanda holds a Masters Degree in Accounting, is in good standing as an Intuit ProAdvisor which includes certifications in QuickBooks Online.  Amanda’s love for accounting work came about when a family member needed help with their restaurant/bar books. The realization that keeping books is just a big glorious puzzle she loves to put together for all the clients she has now.  

Amanda also joined the Corner Office Mentorship Program and now holds the position of Administrator at the Corner Office.

Diana Cohn

Jamie Gohsman


Jamie specializes in working with serious business owners to design, create, and organize their accounting systems.  The monthly services provided help them to better understand how their business is performing through reports, assessments, and setting revenue goals.

In addition, Jamie is a team member at Corner Office.  Ms. Gohsman has fully utilized the Mentorship Program offered through Corner Office.  In a short time she became an integral part of the Corner Office team.  Top notch performance in job costing, inventory management, and above par monthly bookkeeping services are what helps make Corner Office successful.

Diana Cohn

Laura Lewis


Laura Lewis discovered early in life that solving puzzles was very enjoyable. During college, while working at a bank, she found true joy in bookkeeping due to the ‘puzzle factor.’ Locating discrepancies, proving data, and getting an accurate picture is very important to her. She brings all this and more to the table for her clients. Laura offers antidotes and humor to help her clients be at ease with the accounting process and government requirements.

Laura came to the Corner Office as the first member of the Mentorship Program. Her value to the Corner Office these past 10 years has been immeasurable. Ms. Lewis continues to thrive in the mysterious world of accounting.

Diana Cohn

Allasia Holmes-Hyett


Through over a decade’s experience spanning office administration & management, business development, commercial insurance and entrepreneurship, Allasia discovered her strengths in numbers, problem-solving, and overall has a passion for making things better than how she found them. Her experience serving industries such as construction, manufacturing, retail, technology (to name a few), helped her quickly understand the many nuances faced by different industries—in all aspects of business. She realized that so many problems within a business can be mitigated by keeping a company’s finances in order. Allasia joined the Corner Office Mentorship Program in 2023, and she is eager to carry forward this unique library of skills to serve the clients of Corner Office.

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