About Corner Office

For nearly two decades, Corner Office has provided implementation, training and consulting services on diverse accounting platforms and third party solutions. We work within industries as varied as construction, manufacturing, medical, professional services, real estate and non-profits. As your trusted advisor, Corner Office draws on best practices developed over many years in the industry, enabling business owners and accountants to harness the power of the most trusted tools and systems in the accounting industry.

About Founder Diana Cohn

Founder Diana Cohn is an expert in software solutions for office automation. With 25 years of solid professional experience in the field, she has worked in diverse industries such as manufacturing, technical applications, real estate, high-tech, various types of retail establishments, construction firms (including plumbing and landscaping), medical, professional services, non-profits and homeowner’s associations, among others.
In an industry with constantly changing objectives and solutions, continued education is essential in remaining up to date on new technologies and concepts. Constantly learning is a corner-stone principle of The Corner Office. In addition to a BVE in Vocational Education, Ms. Cohn and her associates attend workshops, seminars, and classes on a regular basis.
Her superior project management skills- an innate ability to assess not only situations, but also personalities- is the reason that her company, the organizations she is part of, and her clients' companies have reached so many milestones. But it is unique sense of humor and her ability to connect with people that cements the long-term relationships Corner Office enjoys with its clients and their referrals.