Stasha from On The Spot Massage in Berkeley
“I had a fun time yesterday! You know your stuff, are quick and competent, and explain things in a very user-friendly way, accent on the friendly :-)”

Ralph Yarnal from Yarnal Jewelers in Castro Valley
“Corner Office was instrumental in helping my business prepare for its year-end closure. Diana is most professional and makes her client feel comfortable with the complexities of accounting. She is absolutely an expert with Intuit software. I would recommend her for any small business!!”

Peter Gilbord, Townsend Networks
“Working with Diana is a gas. But more importantly, she really makes things happen. If Intuit only offered a PhD on the Quickbooks platform she would have one. I mean she knows this stuff inside and out. What she doesn’t know she comes to understand in the time it takes you to pose another question. Our business has been streamlined in a very compelling way in just a couple weeks of working with Diana. By utilizing reports she’s helped us create, I can rapidly understand the performance of our business on levels I hadn’t imagined. I actually know how much money we’re earning now. Imagine that.”

Merideth Mehlberg, Career Strategist and Life Coach
Merideth Mehlberg International, LLC

"Diana Cohn is exceptional at what she does. She has transformed the way I track my financial data and made me, someone who is not experienced with accounting, feel totally equipped to deal with the financial tracking for my business. From the moment four years ago that she got me up-and-running on QuickBooks to now as she meets with me as needed to deal with issues that come up, Diana consistently makes me feel totally supported and that no issue is to large or small. She always has the answers and an encouraging word. I feel so fortunate to have her as a resource for my business."

Corrine Munoz, CARH Inc
“The Corner Office was contracted to move us from a ‘by-hand’ accounting system to a computerized one in 2003. Diana Cohn designed and developed the entire financial system including A/R, A/P, Payroll, Program Allocation, Property Assets, Investments and other pertinent processes and data collection. As a non-profit entity, we have many to which we are accountable; the reports and data compiled have been priceless in terms of full disclosure and communications with various agencies. We are able to easily apply for grants and other fund distributions with ease.
Included in the accounting system and practices was a complete processing manual that has helped enormously with the yearly audits and gave us the ability to quickly train new staff as the need arose. In addition, Ms. Cohn was always available by phone or email to answer any questions or concerns and was always able alleviate our frustrations with the software immediately.
Diana Cohn of the Corner Office is recommended by us and we are proud to offer this testimony."

Kristina Wolf, Kristina Wolf Design
"I own an interior design business based in Berkeley. While I'm great at design I was terrible at keeping my books properly. I had used two bookkeepers prior to finding Diana and neither of them gave me what I needed. Diana came highly referred so I gave it a shot. Since then it's been like magic. Not only did she teach me what proper bookkeeping was, she taught me how to do it myself! It's the first time I feel like I really know what's going on with my books! She is an excellent teacher and I can't say enough about her abilities. Do yourself a favor, hire Diana!"

Ben Fajen, Aeronet
"I run a 4-person web development company. When Amber joined us, we hadn't had a bookkeeper for over 6 months. After about 4 months, Amber caught up our books, reorganized our bookkeeping files and made numerous suggestions for improvements - all while working an average of 5-6 hours per week. On top of that, Amber's a really pleasant and cheerful person to have around. I can't recommend her highly enough. Terrific person to have on your side with your small business."
Mona Garner-Mullen, Garner Heat Treat, Inc.
"The company's first introduction on how to use a computer came from Ms. Cohn. In two months time our bookkeeping system was completely computerized from a double entry bookkeeping system that had been used since 1960. In addition, she has created a beautifully customized step-by-step software procedural manual that has been extremely helpful. We welcome any calls 510-568-0587 for a more detailed reference of the Corner Office."

John F. Duggan, CMP Custom Manufactured Products
"Ms. Cohn has been particularly helpful with training our staff in QuickBooks accounting software so that we my better understand the features of the software in order to make our company run more efficiently, enabling our staff to save time and money. Ms. Cohn is also very efficient with many other software applications."

Nancy Schroder, Fremont Chapel of the Roses
"Diana Cohn is wonderful! I procrastinated changing accounting programs because I dreaded the possible problems with a changeover, but Diana helped me setup QuickBooks for our company. She made it quick and easy to learn. She left us with an instruction manual so that we can just go to it for help. Thank you Diana, you are a lifesaver."

Jeannette Ford, Decal Applicators, Inc.
"The Corner Office is a godsend! Diana Cohn's abilities to organize anything, effectively communicate with anyone, provide user friendly computer training and overall "can-do" attitude have had a tremendous impact on Decal Applicators. Let us tell you more about her at (925) 426-1755."

Julie Brahmst, Niles Electric Company
"The Corner Office came into our business to assist in upgrading our document and financial processes. In a short time we were converted to the new system conveniently and effectively along with a Document Control Manual. Niles Electric recommends the Corner Office as an outstanding consultant for any company."

Iryna Oreshkova, M.B.A., C.P.A. Iryna Accountancy Corp.
"I've known Diana for over a year now. Diana has a great relationship with her clients, some of them she has been serving for many years. She is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and always willing to help. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with QuickBooks!"

Charles Callaghan, Anchor Distribution Services, Inc.
"Four years ago, the Corner Office designed our bookkeeping system streamlining our receivables by integrating a proprietary 3rd party application with QuickBooks. We were able to save thousands in employee time and other costs. Anchor Distribution Services, Inc. was also using an outside payroll service and by using the payroll module in QB, as was advised, we saved money there as well. The Corner Office also supplied us with staff on a weekly basis to handle the payables and receivables. In addition, Diana Cohn supervised and was very proactive in handling a large business transition that allo2wwud us to continue our regular processes without interruption. The Corner Office continues to do a file assessment keeping the financial database in good health. We can’t recommend the Corner Office enough; feel free to contact myself, the owner, Charles Callaghan, if you have any questions regarding the professionalism and outstanding service we have received."

Wayne Gregori, OpenFence Management
"As the founder and chief programmer of Openfence I know when I speak to someone that really knows his or her “technology” stuff. Diana knows. Not only does Diana know the QuickBooks system inside and out but she is well versed in complex accounting practices that she melds into the system. If you are a small business person and you do not have your accounting system nailed down so that you have an accurate picture of your financial situation week to week then you should call Diana."