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At Corner Office, we value the unique needs of each individual business, providing accounting software and training solutions that specifically meet those needs. Ours is not a one-size-fits-all approach; we pride ourselves in our ability to truly listen to your specific challenge and find a solution that solves it.

Initial 30 minute consultation: Free Phone Consultation

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Estimate provided thereafter including work proposal and cost

This is an extremely valuable tool for your business. This in-depth meeting determines the challenges and pain-points in your accounting systems that are hampering your business from growing.

What do you think you need?
What do we think you need?
By drilling-down and assessing the goals of your company, its work-flow process and staff roles, Corner Office will be able to provide an estimate proposal and cost that is comprehensive in its ability to solve your accounting system’s sticking points. Even if you decide not to work with Corner Office thereafter, we guarantee the Assessment will be worth the investment.

Once the proposal is accepted, the following is a general overview of how we work at Corner Office.
Each phase of the project is accompanied by a manual and daily documentation. So that the project advances smoothly and quickly, Corner Office will provide progress reports after each work day detailing:
• Agenda
• Accomplishments
• Action items
• Next appointment

What you can expect: A fully-integrated business process package that all staff members are trained in and can utilize to its fullest potential, the integrity of which parallels the integrity of the company.